Why W3Schools Is Bad For You!

Recently I had the pleasure of running into a few of Paul Irish’s informative web sites. While one his personal site, I discovered some alarming information that was not too savory about the W3Schools website and its function — or lack thereof.

The fact is, W3Schools does not have correct, industry standard coding information — which, while I was on the site merely weeks ago I suspected, but did not double check the information. W3Scools is giving false information and certifications (which no reputable employer will accept any how if they know this), by this, I mean to say that the W3C and W3Schools are not partners as W3Schools would have one believe. The W3C is in no way related to W3Schools as their web site would have you believe. Despite many attempts to have this rectified by W3Schools via W3C’s and others messages concerning their dissemination of false information about correct coding in tutorials and in their pay-for-certification tests. It seems that W3Schools refuses to change their content and continues to attempt to fool developers into paying for bogus certifications based on incorrect answers regarding all forms of web code syntax and rules for proper validation.

Please visit w3fools.com for more information and tell a friend to stay clear of W3Schools! I can only say that I am glad that I was never tempted to take any information that W3Schools gave as the truth and that I have never paid for any certification tests whatsoever from them. I actually am not going to link them in this article as I site their unethical practices and refusal to conform to true standards.

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